SCAMS OUT TO DEFRAUD UNSUSPECTING RESIDENTS - Selling of housing sites Extortion of money for municipal jobs


It has come to the attention of the Municipality that there are currently two crude scams operating in the public space. Members of the public are warned to be on the alert and watch out for these kinds deception and avoid being ripped off. The schemes that involve the following:

  1. Selling of housing sites

A certain person going by the name Mr. S Sidu and falsely claiming to be Director of Strategic Planning and LED in the municipality has been issuing fake allocation letters in respect of housing stands in and around Potchefstroom and Ventersdorp.

Members of the public are warned that this person has no authority to issue such allocation letters. The Municipality has declared such allocation letters null and void and has opened a case against Mr. Sidu and criminal cases will also be opened against any other individuals that may be involved.

The Municipality appeals to members of the public who might be in possession of the said allocation letter similar to those issued by Mr. S Sidu to visit the office of the Municipal Manager and hand in such copies.


  1. Extortion of money with promises of municipal jobs

It has also come to the notice of the Municipality that there is (are) certain person (s) who are demanding money from members of the public purportedly in exchange for jobs in the municipality. Once money is paid out to the scammer(s) they disappear into thin air.

Members of the public are warned that the Municipality does not sell jobs and can thus never demand money in exchange for employment. All jobs are advertised in the local press or any of the national weeklies.

Members of the public who may have been ripped off in this manner are advised to open up criminal cases with the police.