Statement by North West Premier Prof Tebogo Job Mokgoro, on the announcement on the composition of the new provincial executive council as well as the reconfiguration of the provincial government departments


Mahikeng, 28 May 2019

Members of the media,

Good afternoon.

Following extensive consultation, we earlier issued a statement to announce the new Provincial Executive Council of the 6thAdministration, which will assume the responsibility to deliver the quality services that we have promised to our people.

This new Executive Council is a product of a consultative process which constituted a balancing act between the Constitutional Prerogative that the Premier has to appoint Members of the Executive Council and the need to appoint an Executive Council that is broadly representative of all the policy directives of the governing African National Congress in relation to gender and youth representation, regional representation, experiences and continuity.

I am therefore confident that this collective of men and women do, and will, enjoy the support of all structures that we involved in the consultative process; both inside and outside of government.

I am of the firm view that, under my leadership, they are fully capable to take forward the aspirations of the people of the North West forward because they represent the best we have to offer at this juncture to tackle the triple challenges of unemployment, poverty and inequality.

We have also taken a collective decision to reconfigure Provincial Government Departments informed by a process of benchmarking that we had embarked upon towards the end of the 5th Administration so as to allow ourselves, as a Provincial Government, to align our Departments with national mandates and practice.

With regards to the previous configuration of Departments, there was a glaring misalignment of functions which created technical problems in line with Treasury directives.

Therefore, it was then imperative that all Provincial Departments comply with the agreed uniform budget structures to ensure amongst others that there is seamless consolidation and aggregation of Provincial Budgets.

In addition, the reconfiguration of departments not aligned to agreed national norms and budget structures created challenges with regard to permitting comparison across key government programmes.

Let me state, as a way of example, that the North West Department of Education is the only department that had Sports Development function as compared with other eight (8) Provincial Departments countrywide.

Furthermore, we are the only province, again, that had Tourism as a fully-fledged stand-alone Department.

We also want to state that the process that resulted in the splitting of the Parks and Tourism Board resulted in an increased personnel cost amounting to millions of Rand.

The duplication of functions between the Department of Tourism and the Tourism Board is an issue of concern that we are addressing; especially when considering those cost implications.

We have therefore, amongst others, resolved that the Department of Education become a stand-alone Department due to the importance and magnitude of its mandate and concurrent functions it performs;

That the Tourism Board must revert back to the Park Board to form the North West Parks and Tourism Board.

These are some the reconfigurations that we have put into place due to the misalignment that had occurred the 5thAdministration.

I am confident that the North West Provincial Government has the technical capacity to handle the reconfiguration and the affected departments so that the work of government and service delivery is not affected or hampered and that work will start immediately without any delays.

We also want to assure the labour unions that this reconfiguration of Departments and public entities will not result in any job losses whatsoever.

In conclusion, let me thank the Judge President of the North West Division of the High Court, Judge Monica Leeuw, for availing herself this late hour of the day to conduct the swearing-in of the Members of the Executive; to enable them to hit the ground running to deliver quality services to the people.

I would also like to take this moment to wish all the Members of the Executive Council all the best as they carry out their constitutional duties.

I also want to thank you, members of the media, for your having graced us with you presence.

The Executive Council for the 6th Administration is composed as follows:

Portfolio Name  Gender
Finance Motlalepula Rosho Female
Education Wendy Matsemela Female
Health Madoda Sambatha Male
Social Development Boitumelo Moiloa Female
Public Works & Roads Oageng Saliva Molapisi Male
Community Safety and Transport Management Sello Lehari Male
Agriculture & Rural Development Desbo Mohono Female
Arts, Culture, Sports & Recreation Tsotso Tlhapi Female
Economic Development, Environment & Tourism Keneitswe Mosenogi Female
Cooperative Governance, Human Settlement and Traditional Affairs Gordon Kegakilwe Male

I thank you.

Issued by Office of the Premier

For enquiries, contact
Vuyisile Ngesi​
Office of the Premier
North West Provincial Government
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