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Disturbance on the refuse removal schedules

Disturbance on the refuse removal schedules

Refuse removal schedules around all municipal areas have recently been gravely erratic at best and seriously defective at worst as a result of a number of issues. Some of the causes of this has invariably been the breakdown of municipal trucks as well as the hijacking of some.

As things stand at this moment there are only 4 trucks that are in good working condition whilst are grounded and need urgent repairs. The municipality is currently putting together measures to rectify the situation and normalize refuse removals as soon as is possible.

Meanwhile it is evidently not possible to continue delivering the refuse removal service according to the usual, set normal standards. The municipality will release a new temporary refuse removal schedule on or before Monday October 22, 2018.

We wish to repeat our regret for the current unacceptable state of affairs and are working harder to restore normality with regard to waste removals.