Household and Garden Waste Management During the Lockdown Period


The Municipality has decided to extend its household waste removal service to now also include the disposal of grass shavings or the remains of the lawn that has been mowed. These shavings must be neatly packed and be placed next to the household waste so it can be disposed of together with.

However, the bag must strictly contain grass shards and should not be mixed with twigs, branches, soil or any other rubble. Otherwise the bag will not be picked and will be left behind.

All other garden waste must be stored inside the yard and be disposed of as usual at the landfill site after the lockdown.

This is a temporary arrangement for the duration of the lockdown and the situation will revert back to the usual status after the lockdown.

Meanwhile, residents are warned to stay home and not dump waste anywhere illegally as this also constitute breaking the lockdown regulations. Should anyone be caught this they will be charged with breaking the lockdown regulations under the Disaster Management Act.