Update on Service Delivery Arrangement During Lockdown


Updating of Indigent Registration

The Municipality has decided to extend the validity of all indigent registrations that have expired or will be lapsing between February 1, 2020 and June 30, 2020. All indigents whose registration expire within this period will still qualify for the free basic services that they have been receiving until June 30, 2020. Any further arrangements beyond this date will be communicated at later stage.

Consequently, there is no longer any need for the affected people to contact ward councillors. Residents and councillors are urged to remain indoors as far as is possible and observe the national lockdown regulations.

Operation of Revenue Offices

Whilst there is only a skeleton personnel available to take queries from the public, the Municipal revenue halls and offices will remain closed to the public.

As from Friday April 17, 2020 the Municipality will open a call center dedicated to responding to queries that ratepayers may have relating to their accounts or statements.

The call center number is 018 299 5192. The call center will be open on a limited basis and can be contacted to assist with all queries related to the payment of rates and the registration of indigents.

Contact details and times are reflected below:

Operational Days              :           Mondays and Fridays
Time                                  :           09h00-13h00
Telephone No                   :           018 299 5192


Electricity Tokens

The purchase and supply of electricity tokens will be available in the usual dedicated nearest outlet and prepaid 24.

Indigents qualifying for free basic electricity will continue to receive their tokens through the SMS’s. They can also still receive the token through their phones by dialing the number *120*1779# and then following the prompts.


Payment of Accounts

The Municipality will continue to forward the account statements through the SMS’s.

Furthermore, a link has been created and distributed widely through the municipal social media and other media platforms through consumers can easily connect and view the status of their accounts online. The link is reflected once again here – below:

Frontend login - URL: https://jbmarks.cabedocs.com Consumers are advised to continue to pay their accounts through EFT or the EASYPAY when they go to buy their groceries.


Food relief for the needy

The Municipal Disaster Management Centre, comprising of all the related role players such as Department of Social Development, SASSA and others in the Local Disaster Forum continues to respond and assist with the alleviation of hunger to the need over the lockdown period.

The center is calling upon all businesses and people of goodwill to continue to donate non-perishable food in order to replenish its reserves in the face of the great demand out there.

Food donors however, are may not and are not expected to assume or join in the actual distribution of their donated food to beneficiaries. Food donations are received via the Disaster Management Center and distributed through the Department of Social Development and SASSA who have proven profiling system tools to trace, detect and care for the needy amongst our communities. Those who need to donate or require food assistance can call the Disaster Management Center on the following number: 018 299 5347.


Service Delivery Breakdowns / Queries

The Municipal call center remains fully operational and the public can call to log in all service delivery related problems. The number to be called is: 018 299 5347.


Funerals and Other Gatherings

All gatherings remain barred. Funerals remain restricted as per the lockdown regulations:

  • No municipal facilities will be utilised for any form of meeting.
  • All forms of gathering related funerals including transportation or procession must be approved beforehand by the Municipality through the Disaster Management Centre. The burial times issued by the cemetery caretaker must be strictly adhered to.
  • The cemetery office remains open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 9h00 and 12h00 for administration and booking of graves
  • The funeral procession and service must be completed or ended within an hour.
  • The bereaved families must strictly adhere to the existing regulations and limit the number of mourners to be not more than 50.
  • Only the immediate family members are encouraged to attend funerals. Permits for attending funerals of close family members outside of town must be sought from the SAPS and the Magistrate Office.


Public Transport

A limited number of taxis has been permitted to ferry workers involved in delivering essential services. These taxis are not allowed to carry more than the regulated number of passengers at a time. The passengers must wear masks. Otherwise no one else is expected to be traveling during the lockdown period.

Our traffic officers will continue to diligently monitor this provision as well as all other lockdown regulations to ensure adherence to the rules.