Vandalization of the Graveyard


The tendency to target public facilities for vandalization and wanton destruction is now approaching epidemic proportions.

This tendency is so widespread and also involved some people deliberately and blatantly throwing foreign bodies such as stones, wood and even iron into the sewer underground network, hence the continuous sewer spills.

This is a major challenge that the Municipality is currently grappling and unfortunately it is the war we cannot win without close co-operation with the community and all responsible organizations in our society.

As for the cemetery incident, a theft and burglary case was lodged with SAPS three months ago. We have been informed that police have apprehended the culprits involved. Stolen materials and items from the graveyard have been identified and found at a local scrapyard. Most of the vandalism happened during the lockdown period as there were less activities and movements at this specific area.

The heap of soil on the road is the result of repair works related to the continuous sewer spillage caused by the collapsed network infrastructure.

The spillage problem has been resolved, but the hole concerned was left to dry up before the backfilling. Technical Services department has made an undertaking that the hole will be backfilled before the end of the week.

The municipality is considering to prioritize a 24 hour security service during the midyear budget adjustment. Meanwhile, the Municipality will explore lodging the insurance claim to repair the fence and the destroyed building.